MultiTrans Shymkent LLP

About our company

We have been carrying cargoes since 2007. And we gained good experience in it. It’s about us. It’s about logistcis company "MultiTrans Shymkent LLP" in Shymkent, South Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Some of our projects

2007 - 2013 - delivery and customs clearance of all supply materials and equipment for the Kazakh-French JV "Katco" company. Katco is a big uranium mining company. During this period of time we were able to deliver thousand tons of cargo by various modes of transport from Europe and China to Kazakhstan. We successfully cleared all these cargoes at the Shymkent customs. And finally delivered it inside Kazakhstan to the consignee job-site.

Katco oversize    Katco oversize

2014 - 2015 - cooperation with solar electricity supplier and several European forwarding companies for the transportation of equipment to the job-site in the "Burnoy Solar-1" of the Zhambyl region Republic of Kazakhstan. We delivered around 250 containers with solar panels and equipment. This equals to 5 container trains.

Бурное    Ð‘урное

Бурное    Ð‘урное

At the moment, the solar power plant "Burnoe- Solar 1" is the largest solar power plant in Central Asia with a capacity of 50 MW, which is located in the Zhambyl region. 192 thousand modules, which occupy an area of 150 hectares in Zhualynsky district, produce about 72 million kWh per year with the help of single-crystal panels, and in fact provide 35 thousand private households.

2015 - road survey (total distance 550km) for the transportation by truck of oversized cargo weighing 225 tons.

2015 - 2017 - cooperation with the European forwarding companies and with the equipment manufacturer - ANDRITZ HYDRO on the adaptation of documentation and the transportation of electrical equipment for the modernization and renewal of Shardarinskaya HPP South-Kazakhstan region Republic of Kazakhstan.

шард негабарит    ÑˆÐ°Ñ€Ð´ негабарит

шард негабарит

Our advantages

  • Large consolidation warehouse in Germany
  • Widespread international partner chain and branches owned by MultiTrans AG
  • 20 years of experience in international transport and in operation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We know everything about logistics and customs in Kazakhstan
  • Experience in cooperation directly and through agents with such brands as ANDRITZ HYDRO ,Atlas Copco , Purolite ,Areva,Stuewa, Haliburton, PRAKLA, BOART LONGYEAR etc.

We are ready to offer you

  • Delivery from Europe and China to Kazakhstan any complexity and using any type of transport
  • Adaptation of documents and organization of customs clearance of goods in Shymkent, South Kazakhstan Region, Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Delivery inside Kazakhstan
  • We have always for sale 20 and 40-foot containers , including for return / further shipment to third countries
  • Organization and delivery of small consolidated cargo by truck from Europe (starting from one pallet) to Shymkent

Our contacts

Tolstoi st. 105
KZ-160000 Shymkent
Phone: +7 725 255 14 02
Fax: +7 725 255 14 02
Mob.: +7 777 919 96 19